Remove distractions from your photo quickly with Photoshop

Remove distractions from your photo quickly with Photoshop: Cables, light poles … These are things that can make the difference in your photo into an everyday and a really special photo. Fortunately, you can remove distracting things from your photo in no time. Learn to remove distractions from your photo in less than a minute.

# 1 Select your distractions in Photoshop

You start by selecting the distractions you want to remove from your photo . In this case, I chose to remove the girl’s earring, as it differs slightly from the rest of the color scheme in terms of color, always pulling your eyes towards the earring. In this case it is also possible to adjust the colors of the earring somewhat so that they are less distracting, but for the example we will completely remove the earring. With the Repair tool (J) you can easily make a selection around the earring.

# 02 Remove distractions at the touch of a button

Press Shift + F5 on your keyboard. You choose Keep content and press Ok.

Total time to remove distractions from your photo: 1 minute

Yes, you are done! Now you can spend your time on what you like to do most: taking beautiful photos.




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