My Favorite (Free) Lightroom Presets

My Favorite (Free) Lightroom Presets: Download them and give them a try for your next shoot!

Hayden Pedersen

Here there are 20 of the presets that I use to edit my photos! Actually, it’s 21 because there’s a cheeky little bonus one in there hehe. Inside the pack there are five categories

You can download Hayden Pedersen here


Not only delicious to eat, but also a super nice lightroom preset that gives models photos a little extra touch. Enjoy beautiful shading, rich red and orange gradients in your highlights and an overall light sharpening. Enjoy!

You can download Marshmallow here

Nova Scotia

The lightroom preset Nova Scotia wants to give you the best shades of blue and green in your photos that are possible! Ideal for applying to images you take during road trips.

Nova Scotia can be downloaded here.

Whiter Whites

Are you looking for a Lightroom preset that can give you that extra ‘brightness’ that you would like to add to your images? Then Whiter whites is the right one for you! Perfect for photos of interiors and portraits.

Whiter whites can be downloaded here.

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