Home Photography Tips Photography Tips: How Do You Make Original Self-Portraits ?

Photography Tips: How Do You Make Original Self-Portraits ?

Photography Tips: How Do You Make Original Self-Portraits ?
Photography Tips: How Do You Make Original Self-Portraits ?

How Do You Make Original Self-Portraits ? Taking a self-portrait is not the easiest thing to do and when you take a self-portrait you quickly think of a selfie. This can be more fun! With these inspiration tips you can make the best self-portraits.

Whether it is for personal social media or for your starting photography company. Ultimately you will have a good picture of yourself. You can do this by having someone else take the photo, but you might as well take a Self-Portrait . In the video Brandon Woelfel explains how he makes his self-portraits .

For starters, any kind of camera is good as long as it has a timer or you can control it remotely. So also the camera of your smartphone works for this. When you are shooting, it is wise to use a tripod or another stable surface. In the video, Woelfel talks about the wobbly pile of pillows. This is the last thing you need to do to put your camera on something. Instead, put your camera on a cabinet or take a Self-Portrait the way Woelfel explains in his first idea.

1. Self-Portrait through the mirror

When taking a self-portrait through the mirror, you don’t need a tripod or dangerous pile of pillows. You simply hold the camera in your hand and photograph yourself through the mirror. That is done of course and that’s why Woelfel also shows a way to make it more fun and creative. He hangs the mirror right in front of the window to get the best light and uses Christmas lights to make it even more fun and provide a nice bokeh.

2. Colorful Self-Portraits with timer

In the video, Brandon Woelfel uses signs he bought from the hobby store. These plates have a rainbow reflective effect when light comes on. In addition, Woelfel puts some plants around it to make the image more interesting. He also has a small portable LED lamp with which he shines colored light on his face. He sets his camera to take nine photos per second with a 3-second timer. As for focusing, he has set an automatic face detection. If your camera does not have it, it is still possible to focus. For example, put down a plant that you are going to focus on. Remove the plant and sit or stand on the spot of the plant yourself. This is a bit trickier but after some practice it will work.

Some cameras are optimized for self-portraits, for example the Fujifilm X-A3, which also has a function to lighten skin tones