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Film LUT for Video – Wanderlust

Film LUT for Video – Wanderlust
Film LUT for Video – Wanderlust

These beautiful video LUTS were designed with the travel content creator in mind. The Wanderlust Pack was created for on the go filming- when you may not always look your best, or have control of the light. This is my go-to solution to look more alive on camera. (Film LUT for Video – Wanderlust)

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Inside of this collection, you will find 6 handcrafted LUTS designed to:

  • Beautify skin tones
  • Add interesting vibes to travel videos
  • Enhance scenic color and amplify moods
  • Add a professional edge to your travel vlogs

Compatible with:

  • Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Other
  • These LUTS were created to enhance Rec 709 footage- the standard shooting mode in most consumer-level cameras. This is in contrast to LUTS designed to work on LOG footage- which are far too dramatic for footage shot in Rec 709.

Each look in this LUT pack is unique and will add a creative and thoughtful color shift to your videos.


  • Skin Wander — The LUT that inspired it all. Gives your skin an extra pop of life
  • Rebel — A cinematic teal and orange look featuring soft blacks and super hip vibe
  • Vagary — A bright and beautiful solution to wipe out skin imperfections or brighten up a scene
  • Numinous — Ruby kissed skin and cool blue-greens create a stunning look
  • Fernweh — Adds crisp contrast with an underlying glow
  • Sonder — Designed to add LIFE to a dull landscape with overcast skies

Your download will include 6 .cube files.

Not a travel vlogger? From studio shots to product shots, these LUTS works with many other types of video.


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