Easily Remove Passers by from Your Photo

Easily Remove Passers by from Your Photo: After a difficult and stressful period worldwide, you want to be able to change your mind for a quiet holiday resort. Unfortunately, there are more people who thought the same and before you know it you are posing on a busy tourist attraction for a nice holiday snapshot and all kinds of passers-by walk through your image. In this article, some quick ways to remove people from your photo.

Many vacation plans have been thrown into confusion by the corona crisis. We expect to spend our holidays more in our own country. This may mean that it is busier than usual at certain tourist hotspots. Keep sufficient distance and follow the instructions of RIVM. If it is really too busy, consider turning around. Your health is more important than a beautiful photo.

Remove unwanted passers-by from your photo

If it is safe to take your photo, we wish you lots of fun and success. Sometimes it can happen that you are bothered by passers-by in your image and you just cannot take a photo where nobody walks through your image. People nearby will probably see that you are going to take a photo, often they will walk a few meters or stop for a while. But in the background, people often don’t even realize you’re about to take a picture. It is then a matter of waiting for the moment when everyone is gone really not to do.

A slow shutter speed with which you can let moving objects out of your photo is not always possible, especially when you are not working with filters that cause too much light to fall on your sensor, or when the subject you want to photograph also moves.

In that case, you will soon have to rely on post-processing. Having to smother passers-by in Photoshop or Lightroom may sound demotivating, but it’s really a lot less work than it seems. This video tutorial explains how to quickly remove passers-by from your photo in Photoshop. 

Easily remove objects from your photo

Of course, in photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom, you can’t just remove passers-by from your photo. The programs are also a welcome tool when it comes to removing other unwanted objects from your photo. In this video you will learn quickly to remove objects from your photo in Adobe Photoshop.

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