Photoshop Tutorials: Bad Weather? Still Nice Pictures With This Tutorial Lightroom

Bad Weather? Still Nice Pictures With This Tutorial Lightroom: When you finally have time to hit the road with your camera, the weather is bad. What now? Are you staying at home or are you not being held back by a threatening sky?

Lightroom tutorial for ‘Bad Weather’

For those who want to take a gamble, we have turned up this great tutorial. Landscape photographer Serge Ramelli shows how you can give a photo, taken in bad weather conditions, a nice look. He does this using a simple and fast Lightroom technique. 

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Shooting Bad Weather

Does this feel a bit like cheating? Then there are of course many possibilities to control ‘bad weather’. 

See here some tips to still take beautiful photos in wind and weather. Of course, pay attention to yourself and your equipment! For example, you learn: ‘Water can come in the form of rain, but also from the splashes of water, such as from the sea or a fountain. Some cameras are weatherproof. This means that they keep splash water out. Immersion in water is a good idea, even with a water-resistant camera. ‘ In other words, protect your gear against bad weather! 

Stay inside

For the stayers we have here some photography ideas to carry out inside. Also nice: a rainy day is ideal for an inspiring session on our website.

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