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5 Tips For Creative Product Photography

5 Tips For Creative Product Photography


5 Tips For Creative Product Photography: You should approach product photography as creatively as possible for the most attention. Tips For Creative Product Photography :Your goal is to sell the product, but that is difficult if the photo does not impress the customer. With these 5 tips your product photos have an advantage.

5 Tips For Creative Product Photography / Photo by Glorious Studio

Tip 1 floating products in your photo

A floating product attracts attention. Hang the product for the background with fishing wire. And take a photo. Then take a picture of the background. Import both photos into Photoshop. Cut out the product and stick it over the background picture. Now the background is well exposed without shadow and the product is detached from the background. You can easily get rid of any fishing wires with the clone stamp.

Tip 2 flat product photography

Provide a nice surface that matches the product. Choose multiple products that match the main product to make it one. Pay attention to the color, material and target group of the product. Take the photo straight from above. This gives you a kind of collage. In the video they use a lot of wood, leather and tough products.

Tip 3 floating hands

Use direct light in the background. This gives you the strongest shade. In the video they show how a camera is photographed. They do this by holding the camera by the strap of the camera. They do this with gloves on to add a little more playfulness to the photo. Then, as with tip 1, they take a picture of the background. Import both photos into Photoshop. The photo with the products is for the background. Cut the arms of the photo but leave the hands with gloves on. Now it seems as if only the gloves are holding the camera. Don’t forget to update the shade by hand.  

You can also let the hands float in a different way. Take 2 colored sheets of paper, preferably A2 format. Cut a circle in the middle of the sheets. Make the circle big enough to fit a hand through it. Hang up the sheets of paper. These sheets of paper become the background of the photo. The video uses a watermelon and a knife. Have someone hold the knife with his or her hand through the hole and someone else hold the watermelon through the other hole.

Tip 4 mirror, mirror on the wall …

Mirrors can make your product photography  just a little more fun. A camera is used as an example in the video. The camera lies flat on the surface. The belt is placed above it. You place the mirror behind the camera, so that the strap continues into the mirror. For different perspectives you can tilt the mirror slightly behind a product. Be careful not to photograph yourself through the mirror or that the flash reflects in the mirror.

Tip 5 natural light in product photography

The largest lamp that can be used in product photography is the sun. Taking product photos outside is therefore definitely recommended. Do you  really want to tackle product photography in a big way? Use a drone. The video uses a jacket. Put your jacket in the grass, take off with the drone and take a unique photo.

5 tips for creative product photography / video by COOPH

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